We believe our works speaks for itself.

Destiny 2 Logo

Destiny 2

In Destiny 2 our aim is to create an EU PC competitive community with players welcome from all forms of backgrounds. Our goal is to achieve accomplishments in-game that result in global recognition, we feel this is going to be accomplished by being world first at all PvE content along with putting forward our best players for the competitive PvP tournaments.
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For CSGO we are proud to have a young and ambitious semi-pro team with us. We are confident with their drive and passion for the game that they’ll do amazing things in the scene. At current they are training most days and plan to sign up to several CSGO online leagues over the next few months. The team is made up of the following players, iVYY, Coaxo, Zhitag, Chigo and Kamelen.
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R6 Logo

Rainbow Six Siege

Our R6 team is a talented group of European players whom have been playing together for the last decade. They have some amazing potential and we can’t wait to see what we accomplish together with them. They are currently active in the ESL weekly tournaments with more to come! The roster is made up of the following players, Easy, Reaper, s4mpo, VexDD, Turtle and Winthorpe.
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Rocket League

For Rocket League we have an amazing group of players that have shown some impressive results in the past. We are working with them to develop them further and show the world the potential of these plays. They are currently active in the RLCS and weekly tournaments with Gfinity. The roster is made up of the following players, Zeddo, Classic’, Stake and ByMateos.
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Final Fantasy XIV

At current in FFXIV we take a casual approach and have a small community for the latest expansion clearing content. Like many people we’ve always enjoyed what Square Enix have developed, including what they continue to do with the Final Fantasy franchise. Our FFXIV core is a handful of tight knit, well experienced players that continue to get results and rank in the 99th percentile for performance while putting in limited hours into the game.
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The Division Logo

The Division

During our time playing Tom Clancy’s The Division our players achieved world first max level character, first incursion clear and first incursion heroic clear. We excelled at every aspect of the game and were continually recognised as a dedicated hardcore group. We stopped playing the game soon after patch 1.5 which was intended to fix several issues unfortunately falling short of the mark causing a lack of interest to invest more time into the game.
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WoW Logo

World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft our efforts were focused solely on PvE and since 2007 up until late 2016 we achieved continued success and improvement. During our peak playing the game we achieved a world 8th kill on an end of content encounter and saw media attention when obtaining a world first achievement while completing several encounters doing using specific strategies. We have a small core still playing casually and information can be found below.
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