In preparation for the upcoming RLCS season we’ve been hard at work to pickup a team to compete and today are pleased to announce our Rocket League roster! We have Zeddo, Classic’, Stake and ByMateos joining the organisation. They are a young and ambitious team with some amazing experience, from Gfinity to ESL and PRL to a close finish last RLCS season. We can’t wait to see how they do in RLCS Season 4 and if they continue to show incredible performance in the weekly Gfinity scene.

This has been something that we've been working on for the last few weeks and I can't wait to see how these guys do over the next few in the qualifiers. We'll be working closely with them and making sure they get all the support they need.

— Ascendance Founder, Shane 'Nik' Withers

You can find all of their social links below and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about them in the future.