We are pleased to welcome the latest members to the Ascendance Organisation, our new Rainbow Six Siege team! Comprised of Easy, Reaper, s4mpo, VexDD, Turtle and Winthorpe these boys will be competing in the upcoming ESL Challenger League Qualifiers and plenty of other tournaments. They’ve seen some deep runs of recent in the ESL Europe Cups and we are excited to see what they are able to do in the future.

Rainbox Six Siege has always been a game on our radar and we've kept a close eye on many teams taking part in the weekly tournaments. I believe these guys have some amazing potential to show up with and can't wait to see how they get on in the future with our help.

— Ascendance Founder, Shane 'Nik' Withers

Here are all their social links and you’ll be hearing much more shortly.

Stephan ‘Easy’ Kemink
Sami ‘s4mpo’ Heiskanen
Marvin ‘Winthorpe’ Brian
Matt ‘VexDD’ Dingle
Harry ‘Turtle’ Garland
Martin ‘Reaper’ Chudik