Exciting stuff happening all this month! IGN First for July is Destiny 2, Bungie’s sequel to the epic shared-world shooter. As you probably already know we’ll be pushing into Destiny 2 fairly hard building a dedicated community pushing all heroic content attempting for world firsts.

IGN First has an outlined plan showing off completely new content and exclusive interviews all this month, we’ve got the schedule listed below and we’ll be waiting with baited breath for each release!

  • July 10th – PVP reveal
  • July 11th – Developing the story of Destiny 2
  • July 12th – A closer look at the Sentinel Titan
  • July 13th – PVP reveal
  • July 14th – The sounds of Destiny 2
  • July 18th – Destiny 2 beta Live!
  • July 19th – A closer look at combatants
  • July 20th – Peripherals
  • July 21st – Localization
  • July 24th – A destination explored
  • July 25th – PVP reveal
  • July 26th – Creating an exotic
  • July 28th – Ask Bungie anything!