With FFXIV Stormblood coming soon we are opening recruitment! We are looking for 3/4 extra players to join us in FFXIV in our casual core completing the latest content and clearing it at an acceptable rate.

What we offer:

  • Experienced leadership.
  • Competitive environment for anyone who wants to push themselves in a hardcore setting.
  • Feedback, helping you as an individual improve.
  • Serious raiding environment.

What we require:

  • Previous experience in high-end raiding and/or similar is highly appreciated, but not a necessity.
  • Ability to communicate over discord, working mic.
  • Ability to take criticism; we will be checking logs every week and give feedback accordingly.
  • Ability to keep a minimum of 2 jobs up to date and being able to play both of them at a high level.

We want to make a name for ourselves in Stormblood, and we believe we have the leadership, skill and members to achieve that. We believe we have recruited an incredibly skillful array of players going into SB and if you are interested in joining please contact Fuhzion on our Discord server.